* We are an organisation ran by disabled people for disabled people. 

* We have strived to keep our website simple and easy to navigate for disabled users.

* We hope you can access information in a few clicks but if you struggle to locate information, please contact us on 07861247658 / 07931383572 or alternatively, email [email protected]

* In the coming months, we aim to add the 'recite me' tool to our website, to help disabled users access our website more easily and make any necessary adaptions that are required, to cater for different needs. 

* We will be working with a number of local disabled organisations, to review our website and provide feedback to cater for a variety of needs.  If you are interested in getting involved please contact us on the numbers above. 

* We have set up our web pages so you can easily remove some images to help you see the text more clearly, if required. (For example, on our 'Home' and 'Our Services' pages)

* To go back to our 'Home' page, simply click on the Tailored Leisure logo, in the top right hand corner.

* We hope the text/font size is big enough to read and our background/contrasts are clear.

* We have tried not to overcrowd our content to help users easily locate information about our services, however, if you want more information, our team are always free to chat. 

* We aim to deliver our services in accessible venues around the North East region, to help you access our services easily. Our Main Hub is at Redby Community Centre, Fulwell......

- There is parking to the front and rear of the building, which is all on a flat surface.

- There is a ramp leading up to the building, with hand rails.

- There are no steps to navigate into and within the building.

- Double doors are available to widen entrances in the building.

- There is a disabled toilet on site.

* Contact us to find out more  information about other venues we deliver at regionally.


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Contact Us and talk to our team to discuss accessiblity in more detail. We love to hear from you. 

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