We want to improve the accessibility of North East venues and attractions, to support the crucial leisure time disabled people and their families need!  Our aim is to work closely with local businesses to help drive inclusive change. 

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Access Review

Our team of experts, other local disabled organisations and disabled service users, with real lived experience, are conducting access reviews across the North East region, which supports local businesses to establish how accessible their venue is and make crucial accessible changes to enhance the customer experience for disabled visitors.


Clients we are currently working with to achieve our above aim include... Bamburgh Castle and Spanish City!

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<h1><span style="color:#e98536;">Access </span>Review</h1>
<h1><span style="color:#e98536;">Accessibility</span> Statements</h1>

Accessibility Statements

An Accessibility Statement is a great way to publicise and clearly communicate to disabled customers, how you intend to support them in accessing your services and venues.



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Website Accessibility Review

With our support, local businesses can improve their services and increase the number of disabled customers through their doors. Taking more bookings through your website is a great start.

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<h1><span style="color:#e98536;">Website Accessibility </span>Review</h1>
<h1><span style="color:#e98536;">Disability </span>Awareness</h1>

Disability Awareness

Disability Awareness across the entire workforce is extremely important! Our Access Reviews or Disability Awareness Sessions, can help you increase this awareness, to make the right changes and adaptations to your organisation, to meet the needs of disabled customers in an inclusive way.

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