With our support, local businesses can improve their website services and information provided, to meet the needs of their disabled customers and to help with the essential planning of their visit.

Working collaboratively with other specialist disabled organisations and partners, we can facilitate focus groups with a variety of disabled users with diverse disabilities and real lived experience, to review your website and provide valuable feedback for improvements, to drive the accessibility of your organisation's website -  ensuring disabled users with real insight are at the heart of changes that impact them to plan a leisure trip effectively. 

Website Accessibility Review with Tailored Leisure

Adapting your website or easily providing clear information, to cater for a variety of disabilities can increase visits to your venue and traffic through your website, ultimately enhancing the individual’s customer experience and accessible journey.


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<h1><span style="color:#e98536;">Website Accessibility </span>Review</h1>

If you'd like us to give your website an accessibility review, please get in touch.

Currently based in: New Springs City Church, 130 Fulwell Road - SR6 9QR.


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