Having hidden disabilities and feeling invisible, why should I feel the need to explain myself to judgmental people?

I know many of you have felt invisible like me due to our disabilities or as I call them warriorbilities. One of the things I still find hard is using my blue badge or walking up to the fast checkout in shops. Some people are so supportive and never judge me but I have come across the few who stare at me when I get out of the car and walk to the shop door.

I have had people say. You are not ill, you are not disabled. On a good day I can explain, but why should I feel I need to?

They don’t see me sat in bed so fatigued or in pain, I can’t even brush my teeth. They don’t see the many days I am unable to even think never mind run a household. If I am outside I’m having a good day, which are few so I try not to dwell on the judges who know nothing about me.

- Heather.


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