Donate to Tailored Leisure and help people with disabilities to access fitness, health and wellbeing opportunities across the North East.

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We value all donations big and small, particularly during the current Cost of Living Crisis. If you aren't able to donate, we are always looking for volunteers to support us in different areas of our project and would really appreciate any time and skills you can provide.

What donations support

Donations support a range of amazing things for our members. £5 could pay for a day’s travel for one of our ‘Support Us’ volunteers! £10 could pay for refreshments at one of our Coffee and Catch Up sessions – or for a more sizable donation, £25 could pay for an entire Sit to be Fit session with a qualified instructor.


Make someone's year

A £300+ donation could pay for an accessible short break holiday for an entire family. We have a luxury-adapted caravan at the Haven Resort in Berwick-upon-Tweed. It is ideal for families that require a short stay break and respite.

Are you thinking of donating? Contact us and we can help you find ways to support our members.

Currently based in: New Springs City Church, 130 Fulwell Road - SR6 9QR.


You can make a one-off donation or join our community of regular donors just by clicking the link below