Chair Based Yoga is the practice of yoga, which is adapted/modified to make yoga more accessible to others who may struggle in a regular yoga class. Yoga can be practiced sitting on a chair or standing by the chair next to a wall. 

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Other Benefits and Information

As well as an exercise to reduce stiffness in the body, yoga relieves tension, stress and anxiety, improves breathing, posture, strength and flexibility, chair based yoga is also a great way to connect with a variety of people throughout the community and reach a wider audience by its accessible nature.

Depending on specific needs, other props such as belts and blocks are used to help make poses accessible.

Breathing techniques and guided meditation are also part of this enjoyable class.


Chair Based Yoga is free!

Fantastic News! There is no cost for this activity! We have received funding from the National Lottery Community Fund to subsidise this service to you.

So why don’t you come along and give this great activity a try!

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