Your wellbeing is really important to us! We can help you improve your overall wellbeing and take steps to a happier healthier lifestyle. We can also signpost to other services to support you on your wellbeing journey.

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Other Benefits and Information:

Our Wellness Programme can cover topics such as nutrition, coping strategies for condition/disability, weight management support - using our accessible scales, accessing support services across the region, to cater for your needs. 


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It's important that everybody has access to wellbeing activities and a healthier way of life. At Tailored Leisure, we believe in ability not disability. Build a wellness programme with us today and start your journey to a healthy and happier lifestyle! 

If you are an organisation wanting to work collaboratively to deliver a Wellness Programme, please get in touch and visit our Contact Us pages.

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No dates at present - watch this space!

Sorry, we don't have any sessions available at the moment.

Please check back again later, or contact us today for more information on activity availability in the future and other services you might like.

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Tailored Leisure have a number of activities and services available, which are focused on unlocking leisure and wellbeing, for people with physical disabilities & long term conditions.