This customer came on board after seeing our advert on Facebook for our Sit to be fit program. She stated at the beginning she wasn’t sure if she wanted to participate as it was on video and she has no confidence and very self-conscious. She has since signed up to start the seated exercise next week and agreed to talk to us after she completed our short break survey and talking about how she had never had a family holiday.

After speaking with Laura White who is supporting the project with our PR and to gather real-life stories from our customers she felt inspired to write a poem about the barriers she faces and has agreed for Tailored Leisure to share.


Need to explore, need freedom, a release,
Need some space, a break and some peace,
Barriers frequently appear so many places where we go
“Are you wheelchair friendly?” “I’m so sorry, no”
Even the places that try hard and are so kind,
Don’t know the frustrations stuck in our mind,
1 toilet per building, sandy playgrounds, plus no viable, flat paths
Finally, add in the wheelchair, yeah now you do the maths
We need our voices heard, need our opinions to be shared,
The only way people learn is if they are Informed, so prepare to listen, prepare to learn,
We are speaking out now, we want our barriers burned.

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