Sheila’s Story

We all need something to look forward to

 I had a stroke seven months ago at the age of 68 and it has completely changed my life.

I used to spend time doing the garden, we used to enjoy going to our caravan and I loved taking care of my great-granddaughter who lives with us.

Since the stroke, I cannot do anything for myself. It’s hard to move my legs and it affects my balance so I need a wheelchair. It’s also changed how I think and I have to try really hard to process things. My husband is really nice and he helps me to do everything.

I just sit in the chair all day. It gets me down. I want to do things but I can’t. It’s frustrating to not even be able to clean and tidy your own house.

That’s why the Sit to be Fit classes are good. They give me a shape to the day. We all need something to look forward to. I can do the classes in my living room on Zoom so I don’t have to struggle to go somewhere special. The instructor introduces me to the other people in the class and it’s nice to see them on the screen doing the same exercises.

I think it encourages you to take part when you see each other. You bring along a scarf to use to help you to stretch. Sometimes I don’t think I’m managing to do very much but I’m always tired afterwards. I feel better and I sleep well.

It would be great if there were more things to do. I’d like to have places to go during the day and at night that I can feel a part of. It would be lovely to have a holiday in a place that makes it easy to get around. A change of scenery is good for everyone.

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