Our Bespoke Holidays

Luxury holiday home for families that need specialist facilities for a loved one with disabilities

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A new accessible short break service. We want to hear from YOU about what our service should include.

If you or a member of your family have a physical disability, complete our questionnaire now!

Many ‘accessible’ holiday homes only cater for a narrow range of physical disabilities. This means that people with complex or multiple needs can’t enjoy a proper break with their families.

  • Some of the barriers to holidays include:
  • Only partially accessible facilities;
  • Lack of specialist equipment;
  • Lack of support for carers;
  • Being excluded from activities (like pools)

‘Trying to find fully accessible places to stay is mine and my families worst nightmare because you sometimes don’t know what your going to find when you get there. Last time we went holiday and the bathroom was too small or you cannot access all areas of the cottage which leaves me feeling left out or my family really stressed I sometimes get there and I am counting the days until we leave when all I want to do is have fun with the rest of my family” (Mark, aged 19)

Our fully accessible luxury holiday cottages that we aim to develop home will cater for everyone and include:

  • Ceiling Track hoists;
  • Profiling beds
  • Accessible kitchen areas
  • Full wet rooms and shower chairs
  • Wide doorways
  • Level flooring throughout
  • Accessible outdoor space
  • Accessible hot tubs in some cottages

Our aim is to offer the most accessible escape ever, providing customers with a luxury worry-free break, where families can have fun while we cater for their needs.

Tell us what you need

We plan to start developing our short break facilities in 2021. We want to hear from YOU – our customers and their families – to tell us what you would like see in our short break service. Let’s get it right, together.

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