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Some people within the North East  have bravely told  us the barriers they face when trying to access leisure activities and holidays and we hope to change those experiences do you have a story please get in touch.

Sit to be Fit – Client Review

I have osteoarthritis in my back, shoulders and neck and have tried Pilates, physio, swimming and extend. I have had shoulder surgery and was told I would probably need a shoulder replacement. All those types of exercise caused a lot of pain and I had to stop them after a few weeks. So having completed

Sheila’s Story

We all need something to look forward to  I had a stroke seven months ago at the age of 68 and it has completely changed my life. I used to spend time doing the garden, we used to enjoy going to our caravan and I loved taking care of my great-granddaughter who lives with us.

Chloe’s Story

Somewhere she’s accepted for who she is, not what she is People are always putting Chloe in a category. Yes, she has Down’s syndrome but she’s also an ordinary 20-year-old. She can be lovely and cuddly but she’s no teddy bear! Like everyone else her age she has a temper and she likes to slam

Lorraine’s Story

I don’t even think about the holidays now because I don’t want to think of what we are missing My son James is 14 and has autism with learning disabilities. He’s mostly non-verbal and needs hand-on care with absolutely everything. He is at a pre-school stage of development in a teenager’s body so he still

Laura’s Story

Even the thought of having an actual holiday with my family makes me cry I became disabled in my thirties. My mobility has become progressively worse and I’ve moved from needing crutches to a walker and now I rely on a wheelchair. Lockdown felt for most people the way my life became for me after


This customer came on board after seeing our advert on Facebook for our Sit to be fit program. She stated at the beginning she wasn’t sure if she wanted to participate as it was on video and she has no confidence and very self-conscious. She has since signed up to start the seated exercise next

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