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Some people within the North East  have bravely told  us the barriers they face when trying to access leisure activities and holidays and we hope to change those experiences do you have a story please get in touch.


This customer came on board after seeing our advert on Facebook for our Sit to be fit program. She stated at the beginning she wasn’t sure if she wanted to participate as it was on video and she has no confidence and very self-conscious. She has since signed up to start the seated exercise next

BBC Radio Newcastle Interview

If you missed it Why not listen to my story and about our services with Lisa Shaw from BBC Newcastle last week and get involved in our unique leisure services or give us your views on short break services.

For everyone to feel included with the right equipment too

Over the years I have struggled to find the perfect holiday for Ewan and my other 3 children, resulting in us going for places that didn’t cater for Ewan and him having to sit and watch the other enjoy themselves.  The accommodation was terrible either not access for Ewan as Ewan is unable to get

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