Meet The Team

Tara Johnson

I am a hard-working mother of 2 who enjoys nothing more than the simple things in life in my spare time with my family the park, the cinema, weekends away, the usual stuff. I love to meet new people and live in a small village in South Tyneside, where family and community spirit is at the centre. In my other job, I am an engagement officer within the health and social care sector and work with vulnerable groups to make their voices heard and influence positive change in services.

My passion for change and improvements for services for disabled people comes from professional and personal experiences as a sufferer of Cerebral Palsey. Over the years, especially as a family, doing the simple things can sometimes take a lot of planning before getting anywhere. And sometimes, let’s be honest, even with all the planning in the world, sometimes things still aren’t as accessible as you need, and you get that sinking feeling when you can’t participate in certain things.

I wanted to change that. Through research in 2019 with families and my knowledge of gaps in services, I launched Tailored Leisure. TLC is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote social inclusion and access to bespoke leisure activities so that everyone can enjoy life without compromise.




Nicola Tuck

I’m Nicola. I enjoy weekends away relaxing with my family and friends, going to watch the latest romcom at the cinema, and who doesn’t love a glass of gin or two! 

I’m a support worker for a family and I also work with severely autistic adults. 

I became a Director of Tailored Leisure as, working in a support role, I know how difficult it is for my customers to find places for either activities or breaks away that met their needs. 

That’s why, at Tailored Leisure, we are not a one-size-fits-all service. We strive to meet your needs to the best of our ability and hope you enjoy every minute of the time spend at one of our services.

Laura Beckam

Hello, I’m Laura, I’m a SEND teacher from County Durham. I have worked as a teacher for 3 years; prior to this I worked as a personal assistant and carer for individuals with health needs. I’m passionate about education and ensuring equal opportunities within the community. My not so secret passion is sewing. I love creating new clothes and furnishings and adapting patterns to meet the needs of the children I teach. 

I have known Tara for over 12 years now, when she approached me about this venture how could I say no? This was an opportunity to help others and create a service that is accessible to all. 

My experience as a SEND teacher and having worked within the care sector for the last 15 years has given me an insight into the barriers faced when accessing a service. As an educator I know the importance of a service that is tailored not only around the service user but of the family. 

Tailored leisure is offering an opportunity  for a service that really does meet the needs of its customers. It is a unique and bespoke service that does not focus on the disability and what they cant do but instead sees the individual and tailors experiences to suit their needs and the needs of the family as a unit. 

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Maddy Ashworth

Hi, I’m Maddy, I’m a Creative Professional from County Durham, UK. I’m passionate about Graphic Design, Photography, Marketing and teaching others to inspire a love for creativity. 

My experiences include a variety of voluntary roles that I’ve embarked upon for various organisations, some of which include: special needs schools, creative enterprises and individuals in need of creative services. 

Some of my experiences have encompassed the role of an Assistant Photographer to a well-known local business, a Marketing & Design Assistant for a successful, established, nationwide company and running Photography Workshops for children through my Photography business: M Photography NCL.  

I enjoy taking photos wherever I go, particularly images of nature and of my daughter Rosie. I love taking long walks in the woods with our two (mad) Cocker Spaniels: Milo and Alfie.

I became involved with Tailored Leisure initially due to having had a working relationship with Tara for a number of years. Tara commissioned me to take photographs of her lifestyle as a disabled Mam to be published in a magazine. This is where I began to learn more about Tara, her lifestyle and the importance of her journey. 

My experience as a Graphic Designer and Photographer will contribute to the Tailored Leisure brand through my knowledge of branding and photography. To expand upon this, my creative skillset allows me to envision and translate aspects of the business in a visualised, dynamic and creative way. My understanding of being both a Mam and Business Owner personally is advantageous in that I can relate to both the challenges and accomplishments Tara will experience as a businesswoman, whilst providing for a family. 

I am confident that Tailored Leisure will offer its customers a luxury, inclusive and enjoyable service that it’s customers can experience not only as an individual, but within a group, with friends, or as a family unit



Cal Freman

Well! My name is Cal, I am a film-focused freelance digital creative based in Manchester. I am from Northern Ireland and I completed my Film Practice BA (Hons) at Newcastle University in 2019.

My degree focused on documentary, non-fiction and experimental approaches to film-making set within the study of film theory, world cinema and the industry. Completing my degree and self-initiating several independent ventures has enabled me to hone my abilities in media production such as video and audio editing, graphics, social media marketing and software like the Adobe Creative Suite. 

I am passionate about design and creative processes that produce engaging and innovative media. The quality of the work I am able to produce is reflected by the professional development schemes and freelance work I have been able to secure. Most recently, I was selected to be a part of
shortaFORM, a ten week production course designed to support emerging creative talent funded and organised by Reform Radio. Additionally, my dissertation film was selected by Leeds Queer Film Festival 2020.

I believe firmly in the Tailored Leisure mission, having interviewed, compiled and created the central marketing and investment video. This helped us secure further funding to make the butterfly lodges and complex become a reality. I look forward to not only its completion but supporting it further with my creative skill sets, insights and abilities


Eve Mackings

I am currently studying Management and currently work in Hospitality and Events. I joined Tailored Leisure as a Director and Young Person volunteer Support Worker young people on our “support us” programme. I am passionate about young people and the skills they have to offer local business and services.

Tailored Leisure and what they offer disabled people both locally and nationally truly believe everyone deserves to have access to services and have fun and with an older sister that has Cerebral Palsey I know first hand how difficult it can be to get accessible transport, holidays or go out and it holds and what Tara and her team are doing I can relate to and share the same passion for change.

In my spare time, I own horses and love to ride, spend time with my family and go out with friends

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James Wilkes

James’s background has always been in finance, starting his first job straight from secondary school in accounts receivable.

After progressing in a smaller company in Sunderland and gaining MAAT status he then moved to Manchester to work in management accounts for a larger corporate company.

He has been a friend of the family for many years now so has happily offered to help out in the finance department at Tailored Leisure. 


Tracy Rawle

Tracy has worked in Health and social care for over twenty years, from Community Engagement and Research within Social Care to working for Mental Health Matters.

She has experience in project development, organising significant events, supporting fundraising and most recently qualified as a qualified level 3 teaching assistant works in local SEND schools helping children and young people with complex needs.

Tracy’s passion for disabilities and work in the community and the need for more services to be available to those with disabilities is what drew her to Tailored Leisure. Tracy’s experience has been fundamental in supporting TLC to find a suitable community property for our “Butterfly of the North”  Complex.

She is amazed at what Tara and the team have achieved so far, particularly amidst Covid 19 and is excited to see where they are in another 12 months!

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Hi, I’m Leon. I have background in graphic design and plans to study Social Media Marketing at university. I joined Tailored Leisure as a social media and communications assistant, which gives me some experience ahead of starting my degree.

Tailored Leisure is like nothing I have seen before. A company for people with long term conditions/disabilities ran by people who share the same struggles in life. Which allows them to create bespoke services through the acknowledgement of not only the issues they have personally faced, but by communicating with the community to find out areas they wish they were able to partake in but unfortunately are inaccessible to them. However, thanks to Tailored Leisure these activities are starting to open up to people with disabilities or long-term conditions.

I have recently become a dad to a beautiful little girl, so in my spare time I enjoy doing activities with her such as messy play or going on walks to take her to see my family, outside of dad life I simply enjoy
spending time with my friends, listening to music and watching films

Our Instructors

Michelle Brown

Hello my name is Michelle Brown I am an Iyengar yoga teacher. I have practiced yoga for over 20 years and have been teaching for 4 years.

I love yoga! I have done many different sports and activities over the years but none of them makes me feel as good and at one with myself than yoga.

Another reason why I love yoga is that it is for everyone and everyone can experience the benefits gained from practicing yoga. 

Potential benefits include:-

  • stress and anxiety relief
  • helps promote better sleep
  • helps improve breathing
  • improvement in posture
  • relief from tension in the body
  • improves muscle tone 

And many more…

I specialise in teaching beginners and get great satisfaction from watching beginners experience the joy of yoga, for themselves. 

I hope to see you soon in a class! 

Mark Beckham

Hi I’m Coach Becks from Mark Beckham Coaching.

I’ve dedicated the last 18 years of my life to help people transform their bodies and their minds. Working as a Strength and Fitness Coach and a Motivational Coach in the corporate sector.

I’m really excited to work alongside Tailored Leisure, and have the opportunity to use my skills and contribute to Tara’s mission. To provide a service to an often overlooked demographic, with the aim inclusion and empowerment, to improve quality of life and thrive.

I look forward to meeting you all.

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